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Silje Olava grew up in the small village Dovre where there was not much dance opportunity. Thus she became self-taught and started holdning her own danceclasses to spread the joy she had found in the dance. Since then, she has gained a lot of experience and graduated from the Norwegian College of Dance (NCD) in 2015 with a bachelor of dance and pedagogy.

Silje Olava is now working full time as a dance teacher and freelance dancer and choreographer, both nationally and internationally. She teaches at Oslo Musikk- og Kulturskole and Jessheim Danseskole where she teaches a variety of dance styles from children to adults. She has also taught internationally through workshops in Kampala, Uganda, and Macau, China. In the fall of 2018 Silje startet a further study of Pedagogy at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

As a freelancer, she has performed at various performances, festivals, musicals and events. "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Fiddler on the Roof" are some of the musicals she has participated in. She has been a background dancer in Norways Got Talent, has been on tour with Tommy Steine's standup show "Latterlig Livredd", and has worked both as a actor, dancer and choreographer in music videos for artists like Sval, Marit Sehl, Robert Vendetta and Karen Muséus. In addition, she has acquired knowledge from longer and shorter stays abroad. She lived 3 months in Paris through an exchange program from NCD and has taken classes in New York, Uganda, Ukraine and Los Angeles.

As artistic director, Silje Olava traveled with a group of 20 stage performers to Macau in the summer of 2016 where they attended the International Youth Dance Festival. In the summer of 2018 she again returned to the festval with Radix and showcased two different pieces. In the fall of 2017 she attended the dance festival Tid For Dans together with dancers from Radix, where they showed an artistic production.

As a producer, Silje Olava set up two performances in the summer of 2017; a children's performance that premiered at Kilden Theater on July 1., and the show "Feast Your Eyes" (FYE) in Kampala later that same month. FYE was a collaboration project with local dancers from Kampala, where they presented the results of a 2 week long intensive project period.

Random Fact: My name means Blind Nursing Mother
My biggest inspiration: My parents
My guilty pleasure: To torment Irlin <3
What makes me smile: The little moments in the everyday life
In society I am: The Court Jester - I'm always trying to make the people around me smile and laugh.

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Lisa Marie is an educated dancer and dance teacher with a bachelor from the Norwegian College of Dance from the year 2015. With a big love for hip hop she has gone from being self-taught to becoming a profiled dancer in the streetdance environment.

Lisa has previously participated in reputable companies such as "Soulstars" at Oslo Streetdance Studio and DaYo (Dancing Youth) with Cre-8. She has participated in performances, music videos and shows for well-known domestic and foreign artists such as; The "Urban X" performance at the Opera in Oslo, Erik and Kriss (NO), The Voice TV, Rick Ross and Saigon (US), Bobby Valentino (US) and Jay Sean (UK).

In addition, she has participated in compositions like "Jesus Christ Superstar" and toured with the show "Latterlig Livredd" with Tommy Steine. In 2015 she danced in the hip hop performance "IDentiD" in Greenland (GRL), directed by Alx productions with Tony Stone (LA) as the choreographer. Since 2014, she has been teaching hip hop, modern, jazz and classical ballet at proficient dance schools such as the Terpsi Dansestudio, Follo Folkehøgskole, Bølgen Dansestudio, Allegro Ballettstudio and at high school.

Newest participation was in the summer of 2016, where she represented Norway in the "International Youth Dance Festival" in Macau (CHN) along with 17 other nations and 10 localities


Random Fact: My biggest dream when I was little was to be a advertisement distributor... well I'm glad that's not the case now!

My biggest inspiration: Cullbergballet

My guilty pleasure: Icecream and cake

What makes me smile: Cake! 

In society I am: The Politician - I love to debate, have strong opinions and am very good at persuasion.

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Irlin started her dance career as a self-taught 17 year old. After a year of self-training, she entered the TV-show Norways Got Talent and made it all the way to the semifinals. After that she received offers from across the country to come and work on performances and hold workshops at dance studios. She thus began to develop her skill set through the show-  and dance environment.

Since then she has worked on different arenas both in Norway and abroad. She was co-choreographic coordinator and even danced in Scandinavia's biggest Michael Jackson tribute, The Thrill, which got great ratings from both VG, Dagbladet and Aftonposten.
As a choreographer and dancer, she has contributed in music videos for established artists such as Marit Sehl, Raylee and Robert Vandetta, in musicals such as "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Fiddler on the Roof", and on tour with comedian Tommy Steine ​ in 2014. She also participated in the Christmas show season at Rica/Quality hotel in Østfold, four years in a row with great performances accompanied by artists like Disaster, Åge Sten Nilsen, Yohanna (Eurovision) Ulrikke Brandstorp and Maria Mohn. The latter with her own show in the city.

She has been invited to host workshops at several studios and for instructors in several parts of the country, and taught hundreds of youngsters and adults at her workshop tour in 2010.

She has worked as a background dancer on TV shows for Monster Media and Allsang på Grensen and was invited in 2012 to be a guest-judge on NRK's ​​"Popstokk". In addition, she has recorded dance animations for the big and international PC game "The Secret World". Besides all of this Irlin also actively distributes dance videos to nearly 50,000 followers on social media.


Random Fact: I love pineapple, but hate the taste!

My biggest inspiration: Michael Jackson and good people

My guilty pleasure: Kardashian and Selfie filters

What makes me smile: Cute animals and when people share love

In society I am: The nerd - I love random / funny facts. I'm always absorbing new and interesting information and so often sprawling into "fun fact" in the conversation - but usually it's just me who find them fascinating ... xD

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Amelia has been dancing since she was little. She started with classical ballet at Bergen Cultural School and continued onto talent classes. She spent several years working in the production of Tchaikovsky' 'Nutcracker', where she had several big and small roles. In high school she studied dance at Langhaugen and that's where jazz became a big interest of hers. From there she continued on to study for a year at Spin Off Prestudy in Dance.


Amelia then moved on to do more independent studying and continued taking dance classes both here in Norway and abroad. She has gained extensive experience from the renowned dance studio Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles, where she took the MDC Certificate Program over a 3 month long stay.


Random Fact: I'm deadly scared of chickens, they're so creepy!

My biggest inspiration: I have several, among them Brinn Nicole, who I was so lucky to have classes and private lessons with in LA.

My guilty pleasure: Ben & Jerry

What makes me smile: Kittens

In society I am: The Personal Trainer - whether it's taking on a new challenge or getting the boyfriend to give a little extra on interval runs, I like to motivate!

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Kari Amanda is from Senja in Northern Norway and has been dancing since she was 7 years old. She has traveled extensively both domestic and abroad to perform, compete, take classes and to teach. She studied dance at Kongsbakken High School in Tromsø and that's where she first encountered the scenic dance forms jazz, ballet and modern/contemporary dance. From there she continued on to the Norwegian College of Dance where she received her bachelor degree in modern and contemporary dance in the Spring of 2017.

When it comes to previous experience, Kari Amanda has participated in a talent development program between Norway and Russia, where she on three occasions has traveled to Arkhangelsk to perform and host hip hop workshops. For a while she was a member of the dance group Maneuver who took gold at the Norwegian Championship in hip hop formation 2 years in a row. In 2014, she went to Los Angeles where she attended Latitude Dancecamp and took masterclasses with Willdabeast, Sorah Yang, Marty Kudelka and Shaun Evaristo.

Kari Amanda is always eager to learn new things and tries as often as she can to move outside of her comfort zone.



Random Fact: I bring my wool socks everywhere I go

My biggest inspiration: Beyonce and my sisters

My guilty pleasure: Reading economics blogs and drafting budgets

What makes me smile: Everything 

In society I am:  The Glee Spreader - I smile everywhere I go

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Gina Alemán was born in Gran Canaria, Spain, where she started to dance at the age of 15. She started her dance education in a private dance academy in her hometown where she learned different urban styles such us hip hop, new style, krump, dancehall, jazz funk, commercial dance, waacking and voguing. With the dance academy she went to several national hip hop championships being awarded in some of them.


Five years later, she decided to continue her dance education by her own going to international dance camps and workshops. It was in this period when she opened her own dance academy in Spain, specializing in urban styles. Here she also prepared her students to compete in different national championships like she had done herself some years back.


In December 2016 she moved to Norway where she continued working as a dancers and teacher. She was invited as a guest teacher in Bergen Afro Arts Festival and worked for a hip hop project with Bergen Kommune. Nowadays she is teaching in a dance school in Drammen and became a part of Radix Crew since 2017.


Random Fact: I feel uncomfortable when I speak with people smaller than me. I'm used to being the smallest one everywhere I go

My biggest inspiration: People who never give up, become success and keep being humble

My guilty pleasure: Chocolate !!!

What makes me smile: Kids' hugs :)

In society I am: I am the stressed business woman - I need to have everything organize and do everything I have planed for. If not, I can become really crazy

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Julia Alieva is Radix's newest and youngest member. Julia is originally from Russia, but she was raised in a small town in Finnmark called Hammerfest. There she went to Hammerfest Kulturskole from a young age and danced jazz, modern and classic ballet. She showed clear talent and already at the age of 13 she became a member of the hip hop crew "Attitude Dance Crew". Julia has since held workshops in the dance styles jazz and hip hop for both adults and young people to develop the dance environment in her home town. Julia attended the dance education at Kongsbakken High School and is currently studying at the Norwegian Dance School with specialization in jazz dance and pedagogy.


Julia is a versatile dancer and engages both in classical ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, dancehall and jazzfunk. After many years of own participation in Ungdommens Kulturmønstring (a culture competition and showing for youths), she was invited back as a judge and workshop holder at UKM in Alta. In 2016, she won the cultural grant from Hammerfest Municipality.


During her time as a dancer, Julia has performed at various shows and performances both in Norway and Russia. Among them she has choreographed and danced for artist Kevin Boine, on two occasions, during the Midnight Rock - a festival in Finnmark. February 2019 she's travelling with Radix to Geilo to premiere with the performance "Infected" in connection with UKM Hol.


Random Fact: I can't stand when people snore!
Min største inspirasjon: People who never give up and queen Beyonce
Min guilty pleasure: Milk chocolate

Jeg smiler av: Most things

I samfunnet er jeg: The one who cares about others, I'm helpful and ll around a happy-go-lucky gal.


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Mia comes from a small village in Western Norway called Etne. There was not a lot of offers dancewise there, but the gymnastics club there had a dance course. Mia started there when she was about 10 years old and eventually joined the showteam which performed at various tournaments.


When Mia was 16, she started dancing at Skeivang Vgs in Haugesund and this was her first meeting with ballet, jazz and modern. There, they set up some performances, while at the same time she was a coach of the Etne IL.


After high school, Mia moved back home and worked as a dance teacher at the cultural school in Vindafjord. She had 8 groups each week and was the only dance teacher. there Here she set up, among other things, a student performance.


Mia moved on to Bergen and attended one year at Bårdar Academy where she again got some scenic experience. Then she moved to New York and studied dance at Broadway Dance Center for half a year. Mia has always liked to dance hip hop/commercial, but this was her first meeting with "proper" hip hop classes. Previously, it was only through social media/movies. Then the trip went to Oslo. There she went to Circle Dance Academy a year. Had a closing performance with the school, and then she joined the Circle's show team.


Mia also lived a year in Bergen where she worked as a dance teacher at the B`Hip Hop Dance Studio and Bergen Dance Center. She loves to keep up with projects and participate in projects - creating several dance videos including a very unique sign language dance video.

Random Fact:
I Study Sign Language
Min største inspirasjon: My cousin and Beyonce
Min guilty pleasure: Kardashians and Snickers!
Jeg smiler av: When people are treated fairly!
I samfunnet er jeg: A joy spreader or the dreamer in the sense that I follow my dreams and work towards my goals regardless of odds.

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