Radix is an urban and commercial dance crew with its focus on versatility, visible passion and constant development.
Radix is the first hip hop crew in the Nordic region that also delivers shows in collaboration with air acrobats in pole, tissue and aerial hoop.

Radix is ​​an urban dance crew consisting of 9 dancers with wide and different dance backgrounds. All crew members have long experiences with performing and a lot of weight in their dance-briefcase. Most of them have or are undergoing an official dance education, and/or have a long background as a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher or artistic director for various shows and performances.

The company actively trains and focuses on constant development and growth, as well as their love and passion for this art form. They mainly teach and develop each other, but also hire in other instructors from Norway and abroad for their own private workshops. The crew members' different dance backgrounds and personal style gives versatility to the group, which in turn results in thrilling encounters between the various hip hop styles, as well as other styles like modern and jazz dance.


In addition, Radix is ​​the first dance group in the Nordic region that combines hip hop and commercial dance with air aerobatics. With great help from out partners in tissue, pole and aerial hoop, Radix can deliver something new to the Norwegian market.


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